Comic Songs


Guy is well known in the Nottinghamshire area for his evenings of Comic Songs, sometimes accompanying himself, and sometimes in partnership with pianist Jeremy Jepson.

His programme contains a mixture of classic comic songs, by the likes of Flanders and Swann, Noel Coward and Jake Thackray, and his own compositions, usually peppered with comic readings and other humour.

Guy is available to perform a whole evening’s entertainment, or a shorter programme for after dinner, as required. If there is no piano, he can bring a state of the art electronic piano.

To discuss a booking contact guy on


Guy has composed nearly a hundred comic songs, sometimes starting life as part of stage works and sometimes a close harmony pieces. He writes his own lyrics.

He is always ready to write a song to a specific brief, such as someone’s retirement, or a song to gently ‘take the mick’ out of someone or some situation!

Contact Guy if you would like to discuss commissioning a song.